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Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel
Migration tutorial > Backing up > Deleting old panel > Migrating to new panel

If anyone has any issues please post below regarding migration and the community will do the best to assist you.


After doing a ftp backup on my website, changing to the new control panel which meant deleting my old website to be able to get to the new control panel and then ftyping my site back onto the new account my site no longer works, just asks me to install zend optimiser

my site was very basic just using the site builder, had no scripts, just text and photos but i don’t have a copy of that stuff or the layout to try make a new website and can’t find where that stuff is in the backup


After migration to new panel in rear cases website may not work as expected (show missing function errors, “Please install zend optimizer” or similar errors ).
This happens because websites created using new free hosting platform use PHP 7.1 by default ( PHP 5.2 was used in old panel). Problem solution is to change PHP version to 5.2 or make website code adjustments to match requirements.


Hey Catialuis,

I’m in the same situation.
You can find a historical record of your website here:

Unfortunately your website was never archived.


Tried that.

Now it shows

Fatal error: Unable to read 84850 bytes in /storage/h10/876/1156876/public_html/index.php on line 0


OMG, that already helps a little. I can remember how it was :slight_smile:


I’m receiving email notifications of posts in this thread, and my mailserver’s malware scanner inserted a warning in bgpatch’s post (post 15):

“Hey Catialuis, I’m in the same situation. You can find a historical record of your website here: MailScanner has detected definite fraud in the website at “web.archive.org”. Do not trust this website: https://web.archive.org/web/20161022185422/http://www.estoriasdelisboa.com/

Unfortunately it didn’t say anything specific about the nature of the fraud.


When using the backup.php utility to zip and unzip one’s website files, does it matter which version of PHP is enabled? Will it run on both PHP 5 and PHP 7?


In the “Move to the new CPanel” section of the instructions pinned above, there’s a png screencapture that contains instructions and information that are very inconsistent with the pinned instructions. I recommend the screencapture be deleted from the pinned instructions, and that the webpage from which it was captured be corrected. If you don’t delete the screencapture, at least insert a warning above it that says some of the content of the screencapture is incorrect…


Can you explain how it is incorrect & I will rectify it sorry?


@Infinity: I think the screencapture is incorrect where it says we will be able to login both the old panel and the new panel at the same time. Also, it lists instructions about backing up files and database, creating the new website, uploading files and database, and using the old domain in the Set Web Address section that don’t belong in the step about clicking the “Move my account details” button; the instructions about backing up belong only in previous steps, and the instructions about uploading etc belong only in steps that follow the “Move my account details” step.

I don’t know which webpage you made the screencapture from. If it’s a page you can edit, you could revise the sentence about login to both old and new panels. You might also insert a link to this tutorial, if the link isn’t already there.


I have edited this thread to what I think you meant please confirm if this is what you needed changed :100:


In the step that includes “Choose your FTP username and password” there’s a screencapture that shows a “New Website” dialog that asks for Website Name and Password. The examples you show are “myexamplewebsite” and “myFTPpassword.” However, the field label “Website Name” doesn’t look like it’s asking for an FTP username, and the “myexamplewebsite” example doesn’t look like an FTP username; it looks more like a website address such as mysubdomain.hostei.com. Also, the field label “Password” doesn’t imply it’s asking for an FTP password. These mismatches make it confusing about which name and password we really need to type in. I hope you can clear up my confusion. Also, I have several related questions: (1) If I’m supposed to type my website address into the Website Name field, should I type mysubdomain.hostei.com into the field? (2) If my member login password and FTP password aren’t the same, are you certain I should type in the FTP password? (3) The dialog says the Website Name is optional… what would happen if I leave that field blank?

I haven’t deleted my old profile or site yet, because I first want to understand all the instructions.


That was me that typed that bit up because a few users didn’t know their FTP details after migrating.

Is asking for a website name for your hosting so myexamplewebsite would create myexamplewebsite.000webhostapp.com

The password is indeed the FTP password

So when you use FileZilla both the username myexamplewebsite and the password setup there will be used to connect to files.000webhost.com

Although they can use anything they want I thought it was easier to call it FTP username/password because most likely most users will then go onto add either a purchased premium domain theirsite.com, a free domain theirsite.ml, a free provided subdomain they can choose the full name theirwebsite.comeze.com etc.

At the moment you add your website to your account by naming it and it will create yoursite.000webhostapp.com if you tried to put in Geoffrey.com into that box it will probably create Geofferycom.000webhostapp.com and then you hit set web address and add your premium domain Geoffrey.com and link it to your account Geofferycom.000webhostapp.com

I hope this isn’t too confusing I try to stay basic but sometimes stray :confused:


@Infinity, I think you improved it by deleting part of the screencapture. However, the screencapture still says “Checkout ‘Migration to new panel’ post for latest news, tips, and common problem fixes.” In fact, that post is older and obsolete. It still contains the incorrect claim about being able to log in to both old and new panels at the same time. The latest tips are here in your thread, not in Andrius’ post.


Would it be correct to type mysubdomain.hostei.com into the “Website Name” field? That has been my site’s address and I don’t want it changed. (UPDATE: I have a free account, not a premium account, and I don’t use FileZilla.)


If you type mysubdomain.hostei.com into the website name then

So I remove the dots

What you want to do is choose something easy to remember there in my opinion because you then can do set web address where you setup your actual domain for giving out to visitors.


I deleted my site estate-agents.webatu.com from the old control panel, but when I try to set up a site in the new control panel with the same name it says I cannot because that site already exists!

How can I properly delete the old site so that I can create a new one with the same name with the new control panel?


What happens when you logout of 000webhost.com and login here: https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old