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It says : This page isn’t working. X Site didn’t send any data.ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE


For backup your website please upload backup.php. Then just run the yoursitename.com/backup.php, it easy and fast. Please remember to backup the database Separately.


delete the 2active account and then your profile and done just logout and login and u in the new panel


I made the migration to the new panel. When I signed up to the new control panel and tried to create the website with the same name that old one, I got an error and the website was not created. There was not a description of the error, only a message that ocurred an error and the support team would be informed.

When I tried again to create the website with the same name, I got an error that there is already an website with that name.

What I have to do? Is there another way to recover the old website name?


how do i backup my website.


@bangle247 Use unzipper.


Hi Infinity,

I have downloaded you backup.php file and uploaded it to my site (carlislereivers.co.uk) but when I run it I get an error in Chrome to say:

This page isn’t working

www.carlislereivers.co.uk didn’t send any data.

If I try in Edge, I get:

Hmm, we can’t reach this page.
Try this
Make sure that you’ve got the right web address: http : // carlislereivers . co . uk
Refresh the page
Search for what you want

Any ideas at all? I have deleted the PHP script and downloaded it again but still the same.

Thanks in advance



I wanted to know is the .comuf.com subdomain still available for free accounts? My current website has the extension -(dot)comuf(dot)com. So I wanted to ask if I delete my site and profile as per your instructions and then open a new one in the new CPanel, will I be able to get the same (dot)comuf(dot)com subdomain? Thanks


@emster [quote=“emster, post:160, topic:56245”]
will I be able to get the same (dot)comuf(dot)com subdomain?

Yes. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


The only person who can register the same subdomain you had on the old panel is you - it is locked to the email address that originally owned it.


Will my subdomain remain intact if I upgrade? I have several links to them


If you upgrade to the new panel and use the same email address to login, you can use the same freeurl.freesub.com


me too, I’ve lost all 5 of my websites as they won’t upload to the new panel. Thanks a lot


Everytime when i browse https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move --login is display and move my account details does not appear


Can you browse back to your list of accounts, as long as you have backed up your site, then hit on your site, browse all the way down and delete at the bottom of the control panel, then hit back to list of accounts and on the right click your name, delete profile.

If you browse up the thread you’ll see screenshots.


Hello Infinity, thank you for helping us with these issues.
You wrote: "The only person who can register the same subdomain you had on the old panel is you - it is locked to the email address that originally owned it."
I didn’t read that in time and instead of confirming my address in the new panel I changed it. If I try to change it again, it says "This email is already in use by another account."
Is there still a way to have my old free hostname back?


Try logging out of 000webhost.com then logging in here with your old email


It doesn’t work, the message says “No user exists with such email.”


Can you change your current panel to the old email?
Or is it saying still in use?

What was the email?


No, still in use.
The email was


fazztg gmail.com