Migration Discussion


Have you solved this?

If not you need to follow the migration process, migrating account details, deleting your own site, deleting old profile, logging into the new panel with the exact same email address, then hit set web address, free subdomain, and using the same URL you had before which is locked to your original email address.



What did you run before?

Take a screenshot of your file manager.


i dont solve using fireftp to connect on my new ftp

i dont solve changing name : my question: how i can put SEILLERIC in new url to replace FIREPROOF-RELOCATION ???

i follow the migration process but in the domain step, i have trouble to put my SEILLERIC name

this step:


At work, if you need a screenshot of the current panel let me know. Everything is the same inside


You can’t get rid of 000webhosturl


So before when you visit your site what appeared?


Just the premier-wizard.zip and repository.zip.

It was used for a kodi addon


Weird so what literally appeared the old listing of files? Like you had no site I take it?

Delete .Htaccess see what happens


Yes no site really. Just a black page and had those two zips listed.

In the kodi program you can enter the Url, go on there and download those two zips. I can not at the moment do this.


So does this work better now yeah?


I need the Url to show like indexing and that is it. Might just need to go elsewhere and start over.


Does the page shown not do that?


I need the page to only say

Index of/



When I’m doing the backup of my website, at this step:

If I select Backup 000webhost website I get a 503 error.
Could you please check and let me know?



@alesap Download Unzipper from the link below and then try again.


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Thanks, but also with unzipper I’m verifying the same issue.
It seems a server error, due to a traffic overload. I will try later.


Dear Infinity
I removed my accounts but forgot to remove my profile
Now I cannot access the old panel anymore to remove my profile
And the new panel does not show my old domains (I have 3)
What can I do?


If you can access new panel try adding your domains.