Migration Discussion


I’m not sure what you’re suggesting I do when you say “double check those lines once” since the code worked okay in the old website. (With < characters, not the ^ characters I replaced them with above, of course.) What in particular should I look for when I check those lines?

When I test the website further by typing some data into that textbox (after deleting the error message from the textbox) and click the “post” button, the resulting webpage displays a lot of errors.

Was there a php.ini file (or some other configuration file) somewhere in the old website, that didn’t get backed up because it wasn’t in my public_html directory? If so, where can I find a copy of the old php.ini file?

I had already set PHP to version 5.4 (since my code uses a function that’s not available in PHP 7).


I discovered the cause of my new site’s “Notice: Undefined …” problems. The solution was to turn off “Show Errors” in the Website Settings. Thanks akhilkumar for the time you spent working with me on this.


@cascy As far as i see you account is auto migrated.
And the data should migrate too, which in your case has not happened.

I’ve forwarded your issue to the admin.
I’ll reply you once admin reply’s .


@GeoffreyS Just make sure your website is working fine and is not interrupted by those hidden undefined error’s.


If you logged into the new panel and it asked for confirm email this is normal, confirm your email and you are sorted.

Time to upload the data you backed up - use the File Manager to upload your site, “Manage Databases” to make a new database, import your old data.

Now use “Set Web Address” to use any old domain you used to use.


What errors appear when you turn on show errors though?

Hiding from errors I wouldn’t recommend but feel free to.


thank you @akhilkumar332 for your answer, but I cannot understand what you mean by ‘as per the admin’
:-O. You said: “Yes, Because as per the admin there’s no use of “www” for free subdomains” But what I do understand is that www is gone from the website-name. So I have to update my links and papers :slight_smile: Thanks for helping. also thanks @Infinity. Migration went, after all, well for me :sweat: (On your advice I already took a free domain at freenom for parking, but still no www like my old name www.wiskunde1en2adek@net63.net). Below the old panel:


With freenom when setup correctly with nameservers you should get both www and non www


Thank you @Infinity. I dared not try this because I thought de www will be applied to newname.000webhostapp.com and not to my old websitename www.wiskunde1en2adek.net63.net which is set to point to newname.000webhostapp.com. Is this thinking correct, thus of no use for me ? :sweat:


dear @Infinity , because during migration many steps I had to take I did not understand, I made the new websitename not as I wanted it. I already linked it wth my old domain and uploaded the old website.
Can I still change the newname.000webhostapp.com ? Thank you for your help and time :smiley:


@cckj The only way to change is Delete website and then create a new one with desired name.


Thank you @akhilkumar332 I already was afraid you would say this. But when I delete this site can I still link my old domainname to this new one, before it will be deteted by the system :-O. How many time do I have between deleting (the link will also be deleted) and link to the new website-name ? thank you :slight_smile:


@cckj Yes you can link your .net63.net free subdomains…it will available for you once you create a new website with your desired name.
Is this what you were asking??
Or i’m missing something.


Hit manage on wiskunde1en2adek.ga and then link it with your 000webhostapp URL, then it should show www and non www version, and once DNS resolves your site should load.


Not missing anything :blush:. Do I understand that my old domain-name (wiskunde1en2adek.net63.net) is linked to my profile ? So nobody can take it in the proces of deleting the old website and making the new website? And I can perform this action another time (anytime) ?


This is when you migrate from old panel to new panel.

I guess…It should be available to other users…in the process of deleting and creating a new website.
But the probability is less or may be zero, that another user choose the same name like your free subdomain one.
Haven’t tried this yet…so i’m not sure…i may be wrong.

Yes anytime.


:sweat:think I leave it this way . Change it another time. I stick then to that less to zero chance you gave me :grinning: thanks for helping :wink:


If you had xyz.site44.net in the old panel that address is reserved for you and you only.


As per me website name doesn’t matter at all, It can be any name(as per our convenience)…ultimately we need to see that website is functional or not.


I linked it, but then the old linked domain-name **.net63.net is gone and still no www :smiley: I think I must update all links and papers from www.wiskunde1en2adek.net63.net to the version without www. and wait until the webcrawlers found my new name in the browser , that is the one without the www .:sweat: Agree this is the best ?