Migration Discussion


Yes this sounds right, click the add icon, choose a username and password then proceed to upload your backups and set your web address :smiley:


went to members 000webhost.com/panel/move
but im still in old cpanel or does the new one look the same?


why is it all so complicated? cant you just swap my old cpanel for new
why do i have to delete content from website and reinstall if the address login ad passwords remain all the same]!!!



Because the old panel is a very old panel obviously, a stupidly old ancient legacy system that now is out-dated by far.
The new panel is replacing the old panel, the plan is to have all the accounts migrated automatically and as many manually as possible by May 2017 when the old panel will be turned off - so the faster people migrate the less issues they’ll have and they’ll help themselves by taking a decent backup of their site files and databases.


You login to 000webhost.com > then hit enter cPanel, then take the move link and paste it onto the page with the control panel showing and load it.


When I click Backup 000webhost website button I just get Page Cannot be Displayed?


I’ve moved my site to the new control panel. I want to set the web address to www.mysite.webatu.com but the ‘Free Subdomain’ page say “subdomain has invalid characters”. I assume it doesn’t like the full stop.

Is there any way I can set the web address to www.mysite?


Just manually backup your files with FileZilla


Not with free subdomains


Thank you for your reply.

I had www.mysite.webatu.com on the old control panel, but I deleted the site and old account prior to migrating.

Is there any way I can set up a 301 redirect so that www.mysite.wabatu.com redirects to mysite.webatu.com?


i have did has your instruction but i am not able to see my page its giving error as

It was working fine with old panel .

site name is cnichurchvasai.com

Please help


You shouldn’t have to do anything there. What I did was add a domain>point>"add the www. here> instead of 301.


sethpillai, your site works fine from my end. Give it some time to propagate and try again. I had to wait 24 hours before I could see my page, although other people could see it.


its working now , but when click on home, the page changes to https://cni.000webhostapp.com/index.php/home/
in the address bar

as its should be www.cnichurchvasai.com/home
please help


@sethpillai You need to change Both wordpress and site url from Settings – General

And use only “http” not “https”.



I save all my files. When I go to members[dot]000webhost[dot]com/panel/move I have “Log in” button instead of “Move my account details”. If I log in and return to the page, it’s still “Log in” button.
What am I supposed to do ?

Thanks in advance.


@LauD Login to 000webhost.com > click cPanel then visit this

Also you need to delete your old account inorder to access new panel.

You need to read this thread.


Thank You Very Much Now it has started working.


my DB are in format SQL.GZ thus the import generates an error. How can I unzip?

also, I did not have any php back, is my website still usable?