Migration Discussion


Hi. I am trying to do an upgrade to new panel but my database does not have tables. What must I do?


Tenkyou 000webhost.com



Dear 000webhost, Infinity

I am very new to our dear 000webhost community but particularly confused with the change that is coming, concerning our migration.

There have been lots of post concerning this thread and have just learnt where to control, how I receive post. so I am unaware which post was actually posted to me in reply to any post I have sent.
As it seems that I have received, all post, I would like to know which post that I have sent and any reply just to that post.

Being in my account page, there is no reference or tab of the post that I sent, unless this feature is here and I have not found, is it possible I can be directed to my post.
Maybe a link.
I would not ask for a tab to be implemented, based on the fact that the website intent, is for all users to migrate.

I hope this will not be to much for our gracious website which has offered so many wonderful tools to all users.
I look forward to your reply

Yours sincerely


I’m sorry!
I dont know un this domain👍


Dear 000webhost, Infinity

I have gone through the process of “The Migration of my PHP” and I would like to know; how and where on my computer, will it download to.
There is no direction where it has gone, I have not been told if I have any control of where I would like it to be Saved/Saved As, or if I should copy and paste from the end results shown directive to press on “GO”.

I hope I am not being rude in my understanding.


Dear Nesrine

May I ask
Was this thread referring to my post, or another post, as you mentioned “domain”,?:worried:


I’m sorry!
I made a mistake writing because I do not know much about English😓


when I try to delete old accounts,allthough I click delete button it can not be deleted.


Because it is free :frowning:


That is okay Nesrine:blush:

Which language do you speak, may I ask:relieved:


I believe if you don’t login over some time; your account will be deleted, in the case of free account statuses.


I have the same issue. I uploaded the backup.php file as directed, but when I click on the “000webhost backup” button, it says my page isn’t working :frowning:
UPDATE: Disregard my post. I used Filezilla as suggested by Infinity and I backed up my files to my PC.


Dear Infinity
The reason I am specifically aiming at each post; it is due to being new and a student.

I installed “SmartFTP” and logged in with my account here, so it seems like my file are ready to back up, but nothing what is shown here happened after choosing “/public_html”.
I am still in fear I will lose my work, though I was directed here, as I entered our “GoPanel”, I found our FTPDetails which directed me to install the SmartFTP.

I am quite surprised this was not mentioned here, but am hoping I did the right thing though I have not completed the back-up yet.

Please let me know if this is the right thing to do.
My PHP, I copied and pasted to a notepad file.


I’ve just completed the migration.
However I’m facing the following trouble:
in my site (http://ajedrez.freeiz.com) there is the possibility for visitors to download a file with the extension . cbv. In the old site that was working perfectly, that is when a visitor clicked the link to the .cbv file, the file was downloaded.
Now in the new site the.cbv file is not downloaded but opened in the browser as a text file (just a lot of useless symbols) Is there anything I can do in order to allow visitors to correctly download the .cbv file?



After I parked my domain name to the newly setup site, it does not work;

age-echecs.fr → error404

The website is up in 000webhost age-echecs.000webhostapp.com → loads (with charset errors, that will be another ticket)

tHE dns WHERE already SET TO/
nserver: ns01.000webhost.com
nserver: ns02.000webhost.com

as can be seen in the whois: www.gandi.net/whois/details?search=age-echecs.fr

So what is wrong?

I repeat: age-echecs.fr → error404


Hi Catialuis,
I have the same problem after migrating. Have you been given advice/fix?


Sorry, forgot to post the error message!

The new website has the message:
Fatal error: Unable to read 46375 bytes in /storage/h7/989/1249989/public_html/index.php on line 0 .

All the files seem to have unzipped correctly.


Hi. I am stuck here:

When I press unzip, top of the screen become grean and there is a message proces done OK.
But, when I press blue button,back up site, I get error message, site did send nothing.
What to do?


I fully understood the tutorial and was able to migrate my sites successfully.
Thank you Infinity for your infinite help. :smile: