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i see you have opened my Web Dev site.


Hi, I have problems submitting to complete the migration to the new panel, in the same account I have 5 different sites, I already have them with backup but when I delete the account I enter the new panel, it follows me redirecting to the old one. What I can do?. Other questions, these changes also apply for free accounts ?. Thank you.


Use WinRAR http://www.rarlab.com/


Choose .SQL and export it by hitting go.

It should download .SQL file to your PC.


What does the error look like?
If it is a 500 error you need to manually back your files.


Back up your sites, delete your sites from the old panel, delete your profile from the old panel.


Tried changing your PHP version down to like 5ish?

What script do you run? What is your site?


Zip the file up and link them to the zipped file which will download.



Can you rephrase your post?
I’m not sure exactly what you mean, sorry.


Click back to the accounts list, enter each cPanel, browse to the bottom, delete the site, do the same process for any more sites active, you will return to empty account list, then delete the profile - sorted.

Login to the new panel and readd your sites and upload the data.


Again can you rephrase the entire question/post?


Dear Infinity

Sorry I took so long to reply.

Concerning the migration to our new platform.
The screenshots that were posed, did not show, the last few options in my attempts to back-up my work.

The SmartFTP, seemed to have taking it upon itself to find and store my work, as a separate entity without any intervention from our 000websites, or so it seemed.

I am happy to say, I have completed my migration, but believe I should close my account with the SmartFTP Service, on the grounds that I have been given a trial version.
My only hope is, in closing my account with SmartFTP, would it affect the files from which I used the service to migrate them?

I hope it will be okay


I really like the way you solve the customer problems.


It should be alright closing the SmartFTP account :smiley:


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Hi. I’m trying to back up my website. I’m following the tutorial but after this step what do I do?



It says : This page isn’t working. X Site didn’t send any data.ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE


For backup your website please upload backup.php. Then just run the yoursitename.com/backup.php, it easy and fast. Please remember to backup the database Separately.


delete the 2active account and then your profile and done just logout and login and u in the new panel