Migration Discussion


It sais, No user exists with such email.




Any ideas why I’m getting a 404 on my site? Carlislereivers.co.uk


No - I am getting the same thing. I hope it is because it takes time for the DNS to update.

Unless, of course they have changed the name servers and they are no longer

The instructions on the new cpanel are not very clear - and I am getting too tired to fight any more.

Perhaps instructions to back up the files should remain as is.

Then instead of all the migrate stuff - simply tell everyone to delete their accounts, and give everyone a link to create a new account on the new server (instead of being sent to to the old server time and time again).

Then explain how make a new account and upload your website.

And then tell everyone we may have to wait 24 hours for the DNS to update.

The new cpanel might be pretty but it is very confusing - the old cpanel was user friendly far easier to use in my opinion.



Pretty much what the tutorial is, backup your files, delete your account, new account.

If you want the old panel then premium has pretty much the same panel with more features.


It came back up this morning ta. I hadn’t changed anything yet so don’t know what happened there :-/


That did the trick for me, running arround in a loop when following the instructions to the letter. Indeed first use the delete your account button then take the next step of name>delete etc.


Greetings, The creation of another website (the free ones) seems to be hung up on the test for proving the user is human (Captcha). The process never gets back to me taking me to the next step. The “migration to the new cPanel” requires this. The documentation says one will be able to log into both old and new cPanel but I have seen the forum say in other places that one must delete the old panel account first. I am not doing that. I would want to believe that the original presenting Email/Documentation instructions are correct. So, I want to inform that this has occurred to me and want a remedy. I hate to believe that something is not straight forward here. It is hard for me to get money on the Internet. What worked before is buying a STEAM gift card with cash only and buying some games online. I do not need what is offered by the premium service. I do need a place practice Internet programming skills at least since I have been a developer. I hope that reputation/integrity matters. Thanks for your help.


You can’t login both original documentation wrong.

Delete old panel and login to new panel.


If anyone is having issues at all do reply and I’ll do my best as well as other community members to provide help and hopefully a solution.


After migration in new panel my website doesnot work. It gives Http error 500 -error. After coding in .htaccess it gives an error where we should not change any thing.


What is your site?

I would recommend installing WordPress fresh else try changing PHP version i.e. 5.4 or something on General Settings @ 000webhost.com to a lower version and refreshing your webpage to see if this cures it.


I had change version of php too. But same result. Also i had tried to install fresh wordpress then 504 gateway error occured.


What is your site?



It’s http://chamero.com.np/


Change PHP version back to the latest one yet?


ok, it changed already


Is this a new installation of WordPress?



No, it’s old one. I had downloaded file from old panel.