Migration Discussion


I would recommend using a new install freshly from WordPress.com and then importing your database to see what happens.

Shoot over your login details and I can give it a go if you want just make sure the .sql database file exists on your file manager.


ok i will try installing new one and import old database


what is database host name? when i tried installing using mysql6.000webhost.com . It doesnot work


localhost is the hostname now.


My site does not loads using the old URL I used to have. what is the problem???


What site URL and what is your 000webhostapp url?


000webhostapp url: mybeautiful.000webhostapp.com
site URL: mybeautiful.net63.net


this is the screenshot


Working fine here.

Clear your browser cache.


Thanks it worked. But in case of other menus link it gives 404 error. one link:http://chamero.com.np/esewa/


Try “default” or “plain” via Permalinks option


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Some more tutorials that may aid you migrating your account and may explain a bit better and less rushed than I have above?

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There more tutorials available to help you via: https://www.000webhost.com/forum/c/tutorials


Thank you it worked.


Hi, I backed up my site using FileZilla. Anyways I belive I have everything setup but the site won’t come up. It asks for a index.php or index.html. On the old panel I had a .htaccess file.


@Jayg84 What is your website name??


i cleared browser cache. but still not working when i type ‘www.mybeautiful.net63.net’. but it works when i type ‘mybeautiful.net63.net’. Also php not working. style sheet not working properly


hi, i have 2 questions:

  • i cant connect on new ftp with FIREPTP on firefox! its ok with filezilla and other files manager (before migration FIREFTP work fine) some people have the same trouble? here is the log:

220 ProFTPD Server (000webhost.com) [2a02:4780:dead:beef::4]
USER fireproof-relocatio
331 User fireproof-relocatio OK. Password required
PASS (mot de passe non affiché)
230-Your bandwidth usage is restricted
230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
MFF modify;UNIX.group;UNIX.mode;
MLST modify*;perm*;size*;type*;unique*;UNIX.group*;UNIX.groupname*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.owner*;UNIX.ownername*;
211 End
257 “/” is your current location
200 TYPE is now ASCII
CWD /public_html
250 OK. Current directory is /public_html

with the second i can reach my galleries on my website http://seilleric.netai.net
my question: how i can put SEILLERIC in new url to replace FIREPROOF-RELOCATION ???

sorry for my english


If you had a .htaccess file you would have backed it up?


www. will not work with free-subdomains from 000webhost nor will www.yoursite.000webhostapp.com