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for me anyhow

goes to


no issues


It works on another browser btw. Should I clear all cache and data on Chrome again?


Yes. That should fix the issue. :slight_smile:


Odd… not sure what to say.


Hi there, I didn’t backup files because I just have html content already backed up. I’ve done all the proccess, including a subdomain:


However when uploading my site via ftp the content is there, but I get the following error:

Any help welcome. Cheers!!



Yep I don’t get past the dialog with the website name, and password.


I still have this problem re-using my old address (free subdomain) which is “already taken”.


What is your old panel email, new panel email and domain please?


Old email: lou47.vsl@hotmail.fr
New email: louis.****@gmail.com
Address: kayakiste-villeneuvois.site90.com

Thanks for your concern.


@Infinity thank you for your answer. I just made the two requests to those google-links you gave me. So now wait and hope … :cold_sweat: :wink:


How can I prevent users from accessing the website from .000webhostapp.com or just redirect from it to .comxa.com?


Search it in MySQL Database or FileManager ?

and have problem with reup database:


SQL query:
CREATE TABLE blocked (
ip varchar(15) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’
MySQL said: Documentation

#1044 - Access denied for user ‘id1579590_zdj’@’%’ to database ‘information_schema’

This is readme from first instalation

Please carefully read and follow every single step in this installation guide.

*** >>> Installation guide <<< ***

1- Create a database and assign user to it with full permissions.

2- Upload files to your hosting via FTP ONLY.

3- Upload the following files through FTP (not cpanel)

.htaccess - images/.htacess

4- Chmod the folder "images"to writable value of 777

5- Run the installer at site.com/install.php

6- Remove the file “install.php” from the server.

7- Open Admin panel located at Site.com/admin/index.php

With the admin account you created during install and customize your site settings from settings page.

After Install:

1- You can customize the site logo from the PSD file located at i/logo.psd

2- You can customize the watermarking images by putting watermark.png (20050) and th_watermark (5013).

*** >>> Upgrade guide <<< ***

Upgrade from old version to this version

1- Delete all old install files except

inc/db.php and “images” folder

2- Upload all the script new files WITHOUT the inc/db.php file.

3- Upload the following files through FTP (not cpanel)

.htaccess - images/.htacess - images/index.php

4- Run the file “upgrade.php” one time then remove the file.


@Benur21 You can use http rewrite rule to redirect using .htaccess.
or go to “settings” – “redirects”.


You can’t use information schema


Ah ok i got it!!! But now, how i do for to customize the template since this new cPanel? Thanks a lot!


I move for the new panel and all the site its ok, but I need my last direction with the domain jess-hirschmann.hostoi.com redirect for the new direction.


What kind of template do you need to make changes to?
I’m lost?

A website template? (You can do this locally on your PC)
The control panel template? (you can’t do this)


So if I visit http://jess-hirschmann.hostoi.com I still see the migration page which means one or two things.

  1. You’ve successfully migrated to the new panel using the exact same account email and password and parked your domain and DNS is taking a while to update


  1. I think it will be this option but I could be wrong, you’ve created a new panel account instead of converting your old panel account into a new panel account??

You need to login to the old panel, backup your files, use the MOVE ACCOUNT URL from the tutorial, (If it says you’ve a new account - ignore this and DO NOT click login, head back) then hit back to the account list, enter your panel, Delete your old site / account, again back to empty account list now, hit your name on the right hand side and delete profile once it appears.

You will be logged out now, login to the panel with the same old email address and you will be on the new panel, choose FTP username and password, hit set web address and choose your old subdomain which is locked to your old email Address.
Now upload your files and your site will be live again.


I have now managed to get all of the database tables from the exported file online. However, I am still getting an error message on loading the views in :-

Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation