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What happens when you hit edit on FileZilla then run the network configuration wizard?


Hi!! I have the same problem that you!!! How i can do for go to the next steps?


I uploaded the backup.php file to the /public_html but when I lunch to the link I can see this (I deleted the cookies and the antecedent of the browser.)



I had the same issue as yours
What I noticed was that the file “index.html” was there but with “htm” extension instead of “html”.

Changing that solved the issue


My website - santoshkshetty.com

Sometimes, it gets loaded properly with msg “… Will be back in 2 days…”. Sometimes, it gets redirected to https://www.000webhost.com/migrate?utm_source=000&utm_medium=rdr&utm_campaign=old_panel_off&static=true.

I’ve followed all the steps properly mentioned in this migration tutorial. Also, tried clearing local DNS, but this is intermittently happening. (Yesterday night it was working, but now its not). I performed migration on 3rd May (IST).


Issues resolved, Thanks a lot for your kind help!


All Issues resolved, Thanks a lot for your kind help!


same here, cleared my browsing data, flushed my dns, still no good.

Other people can see it, but not me.



after migrate my website to new one according to tutorial. it shows nothing. then I find the following php code (index.php) creating problems even it was running properly in my previous website. if I delete include(‘Config.php’); line then it shows the page but can access the database as database information in this Config.php file.

<?php session_start(); if(isset($_SESSION['login_user']) && isset($_SESSION['password'])){ header("Location: questionaire.php"); } include('Config.php'); If I delete those code, it can open the website (index.php) but can not login to the website using email and password. my page: http://ocaas.000webhostapp.com/ looking for much needed help regards rassall


I received verification email 12 hour later.


I watched in other post that if i have reached the deadline migration time, i have to use a ftp cliente. Ok i did that but now my ask is, what is the next step since here? Thanks!


C’è qualcuno che è in grado di dare risposte in italiano?



Unfortunately I didn’t get answer my question and I can’t move on the next step. Can anyone help me? Thanks.


Thanks Carlos, just realised I had a captial “I” in index. Changing that has at least got my front page showing.



The migration was almost done, but when I got to the part where I add New Website, I entered my old website name & it said the name was already in use. As a test, I added a number on to the old name & the new one was created without issue.

If I browse the new test website, it has the “Hooray, your free website has been started!” splash page. If I browse the old name, which I can’t now access, it has the same splash page.

So it has been created, but it’s not appearing in my control panel. Can this be fixed??

Thanks for any help with this matter.


Ya but unfortunately I delete my old domain from old account.Now I can`t able to register that old sub domain name.


@Herroman do not delete your old site, old profile until you’ve successfully backed up your files by way of manually downloading the public_html folder via FileZilla or FTP client like that.


Yes. Thanks. Pointed to Google DNS


Hey aK, I am having trouble accessing the password I created for File Manager in the new interface. How would I access this information as I have a 3rd Party FTP client I’d rather use on my phone.

Thanks for your help!


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