Migration from old to new panel issues


My site was suspended, now it appears to be deleted, and even my account appears to have disappeared. I am only able to get here by opening an old update email for the forum area. What the hell is going on? I have not broken any rules ever, as far as I know. I cannot upgrade to a paid hosting service and I cannot seem to get any help from anyone here. My site is (was) picksoftheweek.ca and was purely a hobby, not intended to generate revenue.


What status is showing in your 000webhost control panel?


Thanks for your response!
I can’t even get to the control panel now. It’s a total mess. Everything seems to be gone and I have no idea why.
I updated my site once per week, adding a pdf of about 1.5 mb. I was nowhere near the total allowable, my site was passive (no emails were ever sent out), and I’m sure it was visited fairly seldom.
Do I now have to start over from the very beginning, as far as you can tell?


Try logging in on this link: https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old


Thanks, but it doesn’t work for me. All it does is take me to a page that is asking me to confirm my email, as if I am applying for a new account. I just can’t any way around this. I did NOT delete my account, change my passwords, or do anything else that should have put me in this situation.
Regards and thanks again, James.


Your account was moved to the new panel but your old account is still available through the link James posted. You are being redirected to email verification page because you are still logged in to and your new account needs to be confirmed through email.

You can either log off and click James’s link again or just use this link: https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old&from=panel


Thank you for your help. That does work, in the sense that it takes me to the new sign-in page. However, it doesn’t do a thing for my web site, which now appears to be completely lost. My site, as I said in a previous message, is/was picksoftheweek.ca and it seems to have totally disappeared into the vapour. This page does not show any web sites for me. In fact, the next step is apparently to build my first site!
Thanks again for trying to help me around this conundrum. It appears the only solution now is to start from scratch.


Use a different browser


Clear your cache/cookies/session data in current browser


Use a different computer


Log out from 000webhost.com

Then visit the link posted above, log in again with your original old panel account details



Hi James.
Thank you for your continued help.
OK, I cleared my browser, signed out, and hit the link. It does take me to the old panel, which is still showing my account as suspended. So, I guess that’s an improvement. I suppose I will need to wait it out now and see if my status changes. If I try to go directly to my site, it takes me back to the new page which is saying that I need to create my first site. Very confusing for those of us who are not IT professionals or well versed in this.
All the best,


Shame this has happened, but an update was required and is being rolled out as fast as possible but a few hiccups along the way, obviously this is free hosting so it is just take it as it comes - with the premium everything is done with timescales, dedicated support and estimated times for projects like upgrades to be rolled out.

This will be on the backburner probably, get it done as soon as and as quick as.

Premium might be the way forward for a lot of low traffic users or even high hitting users to prevent suspension of exceeding limits, I have tested their premium and it is bang on and I have no complaints yet, cPanel is just awesome compared to the free hosting panel we now get.


Thanks again, James. I appreciate your efforts to help.


I had a website on the old 000webhost platform. I have not visited it in awhile. It seems like I have lost my old website and the text that was contained in it. I am not sure how to recover it. I have a Mac and I have never cleared my history or deleted my cookies so when I click on https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old&from=panel I am taken to the new platform. can you walk me through this process?


A download website option should be available on the bottom of the cPanel.
However, if you website that suspended for inactivity then all your content is lost.