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Since the 1st of May you can NO LONGER USE UNZIPPER.PHP OR BACKUP.PHP to BACK UP YOUR SITE. Please IGNORE these instructions you can only MANUALLY DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES (PUBLIC_HTML) using an FTP CLIENT like FileZilla.

If you are using the Zyro website builder, please read here.


  1. Login, backup files/database, use MOVE ACCOUNT DETAILS PAGE, delete old site, delete old profile - you will be logged out of the old panel - now log back in using the same email & password - your new panel will appear.
    Literally easy as that - you DO NOT NEED to make a new account, you DO NOT need to login to both panels at the same time nor can you.

Once you’ve got into the new panel using the same email and password you used before you need to hit “Set Web Address” and “Free subdomain” and use the same free subdomain you had before which is locked to your old email!
The same if you used a premium domain etc, add it and manage, link to your account.

Upload your files/import your database etc and your site will be back to normal.

If you experience any issues please post below or if you feel you have been missed out create a thread in the “Community Support” section - if you create it in 000webhost Services or any other section it may also be missed!

Feel free to suggest any changes or issues

# Please report any tutorial issues via PM or posting below

So STEP ONE to migrating your OLD PANEL ACCOUNT into a NEW ONE.

Login here: https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old

We shall start with backing up any databases you have - you ONLY NEED to BACKUP databases providing you have any listed and use them.
YOU DO NOT need to make any databases if you do not currently use them.

If any appear here then click “Enter phpMyAdmin”

Now click your database name that will appear in my case “a6494435_test”

Now click “Export”

Make sure to click .SQL

Now click “Go”

It will download the database to your computer

Now do this process again for any more databases you have back on the control panel showing.

If you’ve never created a database you can ignore this step obviously.

[See the post below after 1st May to download the public_html folder instead of using backup.php please]

Now we shall backup our website files like what appears when you visit yourwebsite.com

This is your responsibility to ensure you BACKUP ALL YOUR FILES to prevent data loss when you delete your OLD PANEL account to make the new one.

Launch FILEZILLA or another FTP software and take a full backup of your site by downloading the entire “PUBLIC_HTML” folder onto your computer, this may take up to half an hour depending how big your site is.

Please ensure you have multiple backups of your files and all the files download correctly :frowning:

Make sure the .zip file if you used that method worked correctly, extract the files and examine them! Ensure your site is correctly downloaded via FTP and downloading all the files correctly.

So we now have our database and website downloaded onto our computer.

If you’d like to backup your emails look at this tutorial firstly: How to backup and import your emails & contacts to GoogleMail

So with our site files and databases it is time to migrate to the new control panel.



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Backing up your website files not including databases

unzipper.php / backup.php CANNOT be used after the 1st of May for backing up your website only extracting it on the new panel can you use it for.

  1. Download an FTP client like FileZilla - https://filezilla-project.org/

  2. Install an FTP client like FileZilla…

  3. Once installed open up and connect to your hosting…

The top asks for your FTP details which are in the original emails communicated when you setup your 000webhost.com websites else you can find the details at 000webhost.com in your control panel under FTP.

Insert these values into FileZilla and connect to your hosting account

Now once connected you’ll see similar to this hopefully

Make an empty folder locally on your computer to store your website

Pull the public_html folder onto your computer

It will download all the files and you’ll have a copy, make sure all the files download correctly and no files are missing/corrupt.

Now my site has been backed up to my computer.

I can keep these files safe until I need to upload them in the new panel…

If you want you can archive the files into a .zip for easy uploading later using File Manager or FTP and unzipper.php

You can upload the .zip into your new panel File Manager, once uploaded hit extract.
If the .zip is bigger than 32mb you cannot use File Manager, instead you’ll need to upload using FileZilla/ another FTP client.

Once uploaded you can find unzipper.php from the tutorial section to upload, extract your public_html folder and move it to the correct place etc.

Any questions get in touch and we’ll do our best as we can to resolve them!


So back to the control panel homepage

Make sure to click “Go to cPanel”

With this now showing - your normal control panel

Paste this URL into the browser when you are on the control panel homepage > > https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move

And hit go to visit this site from the same page you are on the control panel homepage.

Should appear > Click “Move my account details”

Now the basics of your account details are moved, your email, password, and “grandfather rights of any domains you used” if you used xyz.com with you@domain.com on the old panel you NEED to use you@domain.com on the new panel - the new panel will not let newyou2@domain.com use xyz.com for security reasons.

You may see this

Or it may just take you to the new control panel

^ Do not click this - head back to your account list

If it doesn’t then we’ve a few more steps

Back to your list of accounts if you have any showing

Enter your website control panel and browse down the bottom

Click on delete your website - ensure you backed it up above

Should appear after deleting it - a nice empty list of accounts.


Click your name

It will ask you to delete

Click delete!

Log back into 000webhost.com and the new control will now appear for you.

Error Migrating on new members area

Now to migrate our files onto our site by logging into 000webhost.com the new panel should appear

Click the plus icon

It may or may not ask you to quickly confirm your email

Choose your FTP username and password

Time to upload your files now

Upload the back.php file we used earlier to back our website up and our website back up in zip file still

Visit yoursite.000webhostapp.com/backup.php and use the extract button this time round

Once extracted revisit yoursite.000webhostapp.com now it should load your site like before!
If there are any errors then they might be due to database which we will now migrate below

Back to the control panel hit Manage Database

Create the database you need to use for example wordpress

Once created manage it to import your old database

Should show now

Click “Import” at the top and select your old database

Hit go to import it once you’ve selected your database.sql for example

Should complete without issues

Now you will need to edit the script configuration for any scripts you have installed in my example I have WordPress so I go to public_html and I open wp-config.php I edit the values from my old account to the new account

I need to change the values to what is given with the “Manage Database” page on 000webhost.com


Okay so before you might have had a subdomain or a personal domain?

We can set that up using “Set Web Address”

If you had yoursite.comeze.com for example this is a free subdomain so click

And choose your subdomain to use and assign against your account


My site now loads using the old URL I used to have :smiley:

If you had a site like yoursite.com then you need to add this as well

Sorted - yoursite.com should load straight away now if you had previously already set your nameservers to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com before migration!

"the subdomain is already taken"

If you have any issues with migration then please do reply in a new thread - please provide as much information about your issue as possible including screenshots and snippets of the errors appearing etc.
Everything and anything subdomains, domains, your old panel and new panel email - to allow us to assist you faster.
Explain what you are doing/ trying to do and the outcome etc!

Sorry for the long spiel - thanks for reading!

Here are some tutorials that you may want to look at after migrating from the old panel to the new panel.

If you want to use SSL this is included free with your new 000webhostapp URL, SSL does not come with nor work with any other free subdomains provided by 000webhost.com

You can purchase your own premium domain name or free subdomain and use CloudFlare however.

Backing up and importing your contacts into GoogleMail

How to create databases on the new panel

Once you’ve set nameservers again/ CNAME method or deleted records relating to the old control panel your domain may seem inaccessible, update and flush your DNS to see if this resolves it.

If you are migrating over with older scripts or scripts which haven’t been updated in a while, I would recommend a fresh installation of say WordPress instead of migrating an old out-dated version across.
PHP requirements may be lower/higher to what you are used to.

Setting up email forwarding instead of using webmail.

Setting up the reply-from address to use email forwarding easily.



If your site was built using the Zyro website builder, please click here to find out how to backup and restore your site.