Missing site... Again


So, the second site I created (https://vivelavida.000webhostapp.com) because the first one didn’t even appeared on the list (https://vivelavidaconmay.000webhostapp.com/) also disappeared after installing Wordpress and pointing my own domain (https://vivelavidaconmay.com), so whats happening? Did I lost my time or there’s something I did wrong?


See your open Discord ticket!

Rapgru replied
Hey there! So I have some news. We’ve had to reset your current 000webhost account due to a minor bug, which I’m very sorry for! The good news is, is that now, you should be able to create new websites without ant issues. The bad news, is that your current website had to be removed in the process, and the names can’t be re-used due to security reasons.
In order to compensate you for that, I’ve increased the website limit on your account from 2 to 3 pray
I hope you can understand, and I can assure you that we’ll do our best to avoid such issues in the future muscle