Mkdir(): file exists in wp-content

I have a problem when you compress files from the control panel, you receive an error message (mkdir (): file exists) from the wp-content file.
I need a solution as soon as possible

Hey there,
Can you please make sure does not exist already?

Yes, does not exist
Please help me

Change your zip to another name and try?

The name has been changed a lot but the same problem appears, I need to download the site files as soon as possible

Select the public folder and try to compress that?
Head to general settings on our panel and use the fix website option

Can you solve this problem?
I need the files today :frowning:
fix website option Do not show me (Can I shoot the screen?)

On the 000webhost panel on the left choose settings or general settings and scroll down to fix website repair website option

The problem still exists, only in a file wp-content !
If this problem can be resolved, the website files need this day

The problem has not been resolved yet ??

Which website is it? (1 or 2)

The website
name domain : arkaleng1

I’ve forwarded this issue to the developers :slight_smile:

How long does it take to solve the problem of time?

It only takes a random notice of me :slight_smile:

Looks like it wasn’t working because the ZIP file size was bigger than the maximum size your account can hold (2nd column)

How can I save space?

Reduce images, uploads trawl through your folders and delete unrequited files else upgrade to premium to avoid this issue.

The unwanted files have been deleted, but the problem still exists !!
I want to solve the problem quickly

Login to your cPanel and check how much space is used, you need to have at maximum 60-70% if you want to create a ZIP of your whole site

ZIP the folders separate in File Manager, download then delete and continue