Modifying Account's Related Email Address

I will no longer use the email address related to my account and I can’t find the way to change it.

When in the cPanel There’s a section on the right for the customer details but the only thing that can be change is the password.

Is there a way to change the mail info?


Are you using the new panel or the old panel?

If using the old panel there is no current way to change your email address.

If you are using the new panel there is a way to change your email address.

See last post.

I whent through the 3 first steps of the migration instructions (Migration to new panel), but it seems like the new panel looks exactly like the old panel so guess something whent wrong when I proceed move account details.

New panel looks like above, and old panel below it, if you migrate you should only see the top, new panel look.

I only see the old pannel shown below.
My domain is

So login to control panel using your details then click GO TO CPANEL

THEN click

Visit this page :

Should appear

Once completed try to visit the new panel

loging in on this page:
still goes on the old panel.

The page under
Says: You already have an account in the new panel!
But when I hit the Log in button, it brings me to the old panel again.

Not sure that is a weird one then maybe your account is already in a queue of being migrated or such?

OK so I will wait a couple of days and will get back to you if I’m still unable to migrate. Thanks for your help!

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Sorry I couldn’t resolve it sooner.

Still unable to login to the new pannel even though the MOVE page says I have an acount in the new pannel. How long will I be in that queue or migrating process?

I can’t comment I am unsure on the migration process hopefully a staff member will see this topic and help out :clock630: