Modifying the time your website sleeps on 000webhost


Firstly head over to the 000webhost members area and login!

Once logged in hit manage on your site

Once this loads

Hit Settings top right and choose General

Browse down just over half way and you’ll see sleep settings

Set your website to sleep for an hour (from the 1st November 2017) i.e. midnight until 1am

I would pick a time that you expect nobody to be online i.e. in the middle of night :slight_smile:

If you feel you need your website round the clock you might be better moving onto Hostinger where there are no limits at all and much more features on their premium but affordable servers.

Website is temporary sleeping?
I can not find the Web sleeping time option

there isnt any spleeping time in my setting
my website is raised now .but in some of browsers doent rise.
do u know its reason?


If the option is not there - then wait till 1/November

DNS can take up to 24 hours and in some situations as long as 96 hours.