Montly BandWidth Reached


Yesterday i have created a new free hosting account. Thank you for that service. But i could not reach to my site yet. I thouht it takes time to publish but it can not still reach to my site.
In statistics it says 121.34% bandwidth exceed. did not make any fake or real traffic. because i can not use the site, I dont know why this happened. Can any admin help me?I


I’m checking your issue. Please hold!


Hi @thasmudyan

Seems to be your problem is fixed now. Now set your database connection correctly.

You can find your DB username and password at cPanel -> website -> Manage Database


I have deleted my files from the server and now uploaded a file that I only echoed a “Hello World” in, but still can not be reached. Am i doing something wrong?


However I can see your website

Try clearing your browser cache and flushing DNS


I tried from different computers, diffrent broadband internet and diffrent mobile internet it is the same. Unfortunately i cant reach my site yet, it says ERR_CONNECTION_RESET


Hi there!

Most probably your ISP is blocking 000webhostapp domains. I can reach your website. So, try to contact your ISP or use a free domain from