Moved my old cpanel site but still get you must switch to new cpanel


Hello guys! New cpanel is awesome however I still cannot access it properly. I moved it and tried to create a new wordpress website but I still get the old notice that I have to move to my old panel.

Website is


Is it a wordpress website?
It is displaying normally here.
Hit Ctrl+F5, clear cache , and try this


Thanks for replying! Is it really? Tried Ctrl+F5 that still the same. Yes it is a wordpress website. Will install a new site from scratch. Will try Google DDNS and will reply!
Thank you again!


That’s ok!
Was your issue solved?

#5 loads fine here.

Loads a new WordPress installation.

I’m using Google DNS currently.


Yeah with Google DNS is loading fine! I guess it will take a while for the DDNS to be updated on all hosts! Thank you for your help guys! You can close the topic now!