Moved to Hostinger - Site is busted


For some reason, I goe the site put to sleep - and was given the option to move it to hostinger to re activate it - I did and now the new URL looks all wrong and there non of the photos - and they say it is automatic and can’t help me - what should I do?

Have they moved your website to or not?

The say it is done and it is automatic - I tested the “new” hostinger URL where they moved the site - and it is totally broken - the text of the site only went there - but non of the photos or the menus or nothing

Please contact them via live chat as they are the only ones able to access your account :smile:

So, is webhost and hostinger the same company? or what is the relation - am confused

000webhost is the “child” company of Hostinger. We’re the free version of Hostinger.
Hostinger staff can access 000webhost websites and Hostinger websites, but 000webhost staff can only access 000webhost websites :slight_smile:

If they don’t fix it for you send me a private message with your Hostinger login details and I’ll try to have a look for you.

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