Moving a domain from a bankrupt host


Hello! Hoping someone can help! I have 2 websites hosted by *******.com who appear to have disappeared since last Friday 15th as also have addressthis who the Domains are registered with. As we cannot contact them, how can we move to another host. This is remembering we cant access Cpanel etc.
Thanks in advance


Hi @jdevoy!

Check out if you can access your website content over FTP and retrieve it over that way. If you can’t do that, other option than contacting your host does not exist. :confused:


Thank you! Will have a look but we cannot get to our Domains either to move them and of course our related emails are down as are theirs. So we seem to be stuck. We have been intouch with Support at website-helpdesk since last Friday but just get a repeat message saying its a temporary fault! But 5 days !!! Any other ideas welcome. Joan


Do you mind sharing the host name?


1hourhosting for the websites and their sister company addressthis for the Domains.


Forgot to say their phones, fax, and emails are down and of course no support. We are based in Spain and they are in Los Angeles. So we cant just roll up on their doorstep!


Yes, I can’t even access their website. I’d suggest that you upgrade to Hostinger and we’ll do our best to transfer your files. If I can, I’ll try reaching out to them. :wink:

Make sure to join Hostinger with the link below. :slight_smile:


How to access website over FTP, can you guide please?


Hi @shennonsworld!

Please follow this tutorial: