Msql problem in my website plz check

my website showing this error mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/9001): Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 1069 after 10000ms and link is

that is new site and i have no traffic

i have all remaining data then why

Im with the same problem, and i need to show the site today

i am also in probem i apply for adsense and they want to visit but site does’t work

Traffic doesn’t matter we don’t display the limits of the database within our panel, but it is likely rate limiting or a busy node.
Either way wait it out :slight_smile:
Adsense issues won’t be related to us, use the Google support forums :smiley:

how much hits are allowed

if buy premium hosting 1.48 usd per month then same limits are applied

No premium is a completely separate platform :slight_smile:

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