My account is suspended


I have an error message saying one of my account is suspended, here is the error message:

“Suspended user a4162098 for sending mass mail (415 emails were sent in 1 minute)
Please contact our staff from and explain why this has occured.
Account will be unsuspended only if you will contact us, do not reply to this email.”

I have contacted 000webhost Support, but no response for 4 days now. Can anyone help to fix this issue?



@david.firbas Migrate to new panel to avoid these issues.
What is your domain name??
Check the below llnk on how to migrate to new panel.


Hi akhilkumar332,

my domain is
The problem is that the account is completely blocked, so I cannot access Cpanel. I can’t even backup or migrate.


You need premium then they will migrate your data for you to premium which has no limits for you to breach.