My DB user does not have full permissions

Hi all,

I’m trying to migrate my localhost wordpress site to 000webhost. I am using duplicator plugin, but when I try to connect to the database, it shows an error that says " The user *■■■ is missing the privileges [create] on the database ■■■" and I can’t migrate my site.

On PHPMYADMIN the “users” tab does not exist, also, for me to change the permissions…
Any ideas of what this might be?

Thanks all!

If it states it is missing privileges there is nothing we can do to resolve this, all MYSQL free settings are set on a policy for all users - we can’t add/remove anything for certain groups/users unfortunately.
Ensure you are using the exact username provided by our control panel i.e. id1234567_username to avoid other issues.

Hmm, so that means that I can’t migrate my local wordpress to this host (000webhost) ?

Depending on your method you can.
I generally import the .SQL database directly into phpMyAdmin, upload the public folder from local and edit wp-config.php to match new values, then edit wp-options table to reflect new 000webhostapp URL.

Depends on how you prefer to migrate.

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