My domain are Blacklisted


I am trying to add my domain to point to 000webhost for my website.

my website is

I din not understand why these words are blacklisted… Someone can help me ?


@fgl You domain contain word “proces” , which is banned.

What is the purpose of your website/domain??

Also CNAME should to your * url, not to nameservers.


“Mago” means wizard, and “processo” mean process, so the idea is that my site will offers a service for lawyers to management their process in the brazilian justice.


@fgl I’ve whtelisted it for you. :slight_smile:
Try now to park.


Can you please white list my domain? It says that my domain contains blacklisted words
Domain Name:


Website purpose? :slight_smile:


It is a website where I show students(High school level) easier strategies to do math equations, easier ways to study, and how to improve your grades by doing simple things like; eating a healthy breakfast in the morning.


I have whitelisted your domain. We will keep it under surveillance for an indefinite period of time, as a (routine) precaution measure :wink:


Okay thank you so much I am a beginner at this website stuff so you might be hearing from me for the next couple of weeks :grinning: .


We hope it will all work out well :blush: