My domain is not listed any more


and it seems inactive, I cannot send or receive emails, I cannot access the control panel


What has the cPanel to do with the domain?


I don’t know, I just cannot access it any more


What is your domain as well as your email?




Is that your website?


no, it was hacked
I have actually only a redirect (to since I have joined another organization several months ago but I have kept the domain active for email


Hi @martinf58!

Domain is linked to website which is registered for the account with e-mail:

E-mail does not exist in our database.

A successful login has been made on one day ago, from India.

What is the problem here? Please explain it in depth…


Our company, Agilium Worldwide Switzerland LLC. is owning the domain, I can send you the invoice with Switchplus. I am registered here under my private email address . I have created the email address in google, but it does not work if the domain is not active.
I did not authorize this indian user to log in with my account nor to make any change to my domain.


I do not have access to my control panel, please explain in details how to send you the domain invoice


So, to clarify, you want your website content to be moved from the hacked account to the new account?

Also, you want to move the domain as well, right?


yes (but there is no website content, only a redirect to
please send the credentials of the new account to


please send the credentials of the new account to

I don’t know the credentials of If your account has been hacked, I can’t intervene directly in this matter as I don’t have physical access to the servers.

Also, if your website content has been hacked… Next time I suggest you to use a stronger password.

I can suspend the website which shows the ‘hacked’ message, however I can no longer save your domain because it is already reserved for


But how can I get back control over my domain?


You can control your domain from your registrar, that’s not a problem. :wink:

Only you will be no longer allowed to link it to 000webhost.


Could you please explain how to control it from my registrar in practice?


There are two distinct entities:

  1. Hosting provider.
  2. Domain

The hosting provider only holds the files/databases of your website.

The domain is part of the DNS system and it is the way you can help people access your website content. You control the DNS using the Name Servers and the DNS records you have set up in your registrar cPanel. 000webhost has no access to your registrar cPanel. 000webhost hosts only your website content.


But originally I was setting up everyting from the 000webhost control panel, where do I have access to this “registrar cPanel”?


It is the registrar from which you have bought domain… Did you bought it from 000webhost cPanel?


No, Switcplus, it is clearer now.
Thank you for your help.