My hostinger account failed to recognize my login email-id

My hostinger account failed to recognize my login email-id. It shows the message “User with this email does not exist.” What have to do now. I have paid business account till 2022.

Double check your email inbox for any emails from Hostinger, failing that contact them at your soonest convenience.

Double click on email inbox didn’t show any new email from hostinger. My email is

We’re waiting for a developer’s response :slight_smile:

Can you provide your Hostinger domain name? @gauravmishr

Can you make sure you are logging into the correct region of Hostinger?


Else if you could provide your domain name, send over email your invoice/any Hostinger emails to moderator@ and we can assist that way.

Hostinger domain name is -

I have sent one hostinger receipt to

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Hi there @gauravmishr not sure why you are having trouble logging in.
A developer checked and indeed your email is registered on
Can you try and login and screenshot the error when you login, if you’ve forgotten your password try to reset it?
The last successful login with the 26/7/19

Can you let us know how you get on?

Support is available here:

Here I am enclosing the screen shot after filling login details.

Thanks a developer is raising this but if you could try the live chat using the support link above they may be able to assist faster?

Developer has reset your password, see the link above for support or check your emails.