My HTTPS Couldflare security doesn't works


Hello! Some days ago I did a site in wordpress by 000webhost. When I changed my domain, the site become insecure, so I get to Cloudflare and I followed the steps to do it secure. But it doesn’t work and I don´t know why.
Now my site looks like something is break and is still insecure.
Does anybody know what happen?

Thank you!


Hi @apanasociacion
What is the link to your website?


Hi @Ayu! Yes, is apan . es


Did you setup cloudflare using the tutorial posted here?


Yes, I followed the steps, but I don´t know why it doesn´t work… And also now if i turn on the clouds from grey to orange, the menu of my site doen’t works and looks like somenthing is wrong


Okay can you screenshot your cloudflare dns



Go to crypto and change your ssl to full


My god that’s it!! It works!! Thank you so so much @Ayu


Your welcome :blush: