My images do not appear

My wesbite comes out fine but my images are not displaying. How do I fix this ?

Make sure the files are uploaded correctly and case sensitive

When you say uploaded correctly? What do you mean? I am new to this and I have to turn in to school and freaking out! the file is index.html because at first I named it town-index.html and professor said it might just need to be index.html. So I went ahead and changed it. And everything is good but the images dont show up. It shows little thumbnail things where the images belong. Am I making sense?

The images do not seem to have been uploaded correctly (example)
There are two causes:

  1. You haven’t uploaded them
  2. Case sensitive files

For 1., please double check if the images are there. If they indeed are there, please watch out for case sensitiveness because we use UNIX systems.
For example, logo-5.png is different from Logo-5.png

I saw they sent me nothing was uploaded so maybe I am not doing it right? I was not able to attach to show because it was saying the file was too big. But I here is the

public_html section
index.html I uploaded

and then I made a folder in the public_html section and titled it images and both images are in the images folder when I open it. Is that the way you do it?

So the left side will look like

-the icon folder
-public_html folder - the index.html file
-images folder - logo and photo
-tmp folder

Having a check of your website

Right click, inspect and Console

It clearly shows you what is wrong.

404 means File Not Found

It tells you were the index.html code is telling the server to go to for the files.

It wants to find the file logo-5.png in the root directory (public_html)

I see you are fixing the issues now.

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