My IP Is Blacklisted for FTP Access

This morning I was able to connect by FTP and to upload some file using FileZilla.
After, I made some test with an app to send files by FTP.
And this afternoon its not working anymore.
I tryed with 4G and VPN connection, it’s working,
It seems that blacklisted my IP.
How can ask them to unblacklist my ip? Is there a delay to wait?


We unfortunately cannot manually unblacklist IP addresses.
Your best bet would be to restart your router to obtain a new IP address.

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I have a fixed IP address, can’t change it, so I’m banned forever?
Also, I have noticed that I cannot download the file using File Manager more…

I can use the VPN to do it, but it is complicated to simply upload files…

Hi there, so we use CloudFlare for a lot of our infrastructure, we cannot whitelist / blacklist manually unfortunately.
If you are having problems connecting to our services via a certain IP address then it is likely you’ve just been rate-limited by CloudFlare normally after 72 hours you’ll be able to connect with any issue.

You can connect in the meantime by using a VPN or proxy for example - Windscribe which has a free plan and takes under a minute to get signed up and logged on.

You can also try using alternative DNS for some reasons this has proven to work in aiding users accessing our front-end website, their own website or FTP in cases :slight_smile:

Finally if you have a dynamic IP allocation from your ISP then normally turning off your router waiting 10 seconds then turning it back on will result in a new fresh IP being allocated as your public IP address :smiley:

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