My old URL can't be reached



i have migrated to new panel and i linked my old URL but my old URL can’t be reached please help me i don’t care of my old files backup i need my old URL.
my old URL is


The URL is working fine, you just can no longer use WWW. You just need to use


Sorry but Is it not possible to access it using WWW. Because On the old DNS Server, it was the case


Thanks for your replay , what about if i upgrade , can i transfer visitors for to my new site ?


You can set up a URL redirect to the non www. URL.


Can you guide me please How can i set up a URL redirect to the non www. URL


I have used a service called CloudFlare to set up mine :slight_smile:


You cannot use CloudFlare with a free subdomain.

Free subdomains no longer are able to use WWW
000webhostapp domains do not use WWW

Only sites able to use WWW and NON WWW are purchased from registrar and parked for example or FreeNom and again parked - like and when correctly setup will work.