My site crashes after some time


My domain is :

And my problem : i’m using my site (built on wordpress) for about 10-15 minutes and after that, it crashes and i can’t have access. What’s going on?


Please check this


So i can’t use my site? Is that what you’re telling me?


Just wait an hour and everything should be back on track :slight_smile:


For how long? 15 minutes?

The same thing happened yesterday. It went down, came back 30’ later and went down again after 10-15 minutes.


If you read the topic I told you about, you’d understand what I mean :slight_smile:


The same goes with my comments :slight_smile:


The topic clearly states one hour :wink:


I can’t work on this pace. Managing my site for some time, waiting for an hour, working again for some time, waiting for an hour etc.


How Many plugins do you have?


I will tell you when my site will be back (went down again after only 5 minutes)!!!


What if you hosted the database somewhere else? :slight_smile:


What do you mean by that?


If the 000webhost database limits are not enough for you, you can host your database on another website, and use it on 000webhost :slight_smile:


Can you provide some help on how can i do this on 000webhost?


I think you’d be better off seeking other free hosting or using premium hosting if you can’t manage within the database limits :frowning: I’m sorry to say.

Make sure your theme isn’t heavy, ensure you have little to no plugins as these will eat all of your request limits!
Check this article also:


I want to make an e-shop.

Do the database limits depend only on the theme and the plugins or if i start putting products on my site, it will crash again?


Most heavy scripts will experience rate limiting especially when first setting it up, if you run the installation for a PHP script that uses database then already a massive amount of your hourly requests has been eaten.
Then if you are in the administrator back-end customizing your site, again your hourly requests are getting eaten even more.

If you are able to develop locally then once you’ve got it looking like you want you could upload and then import the database and it’d be a live site, ready to go.

Else if you’ve already installed the script then you could keep customizing it via administrator panel and just deal with the timeouts, then once you are happy with the site it is unlikely to face much issues when just getting visitors unless you are getting a lot which is unlikely for a site to be hosted on free hosting - if this is true then you’d need to move premium obviously as a business site isn’t designed for free hosting.