My site is a blank page after login


Today I try to work on my site but all I can get is a blank page. Everything was ok a few days ago.
I can log in with my personal login page (with WP Hide Login) but the url stays on this page when I log in and the page turns into white, no code in the inspector, nothing else appears, and there is no error message. Every page of the site is blank.
I have also set a private site with s2Member. I tried to rename both of the plugins’ folders but it didn’t help. (I have still access to the FTP panel).
I tried to “Repair” it with this option in the setting page, it says “The site has been successfully repaired” but nothing changes.
Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot.


I deleted my theme folder and copied it back again and now it’s working.
I don’t understand what the problem was, and that’s annoying because I really don’t want this to happen again…


Let us know if you find out what was up! :slight_smile: