My site is down, looking for some information

My website is down as of sometime within the last month or two.

I notice that I have an email from almost 3 months ago with the subject line "Security incident: your password was reset “. None of the links in the email work anymore (like the one in " Please click HERE to set Your new password.”).

I have read other threads and also notice the “must sign in every 3 months”… though I definitely do not remember having to do that in the previous 2 years of enjoying this host.

Either way it is probably one of those two things.

I also noticed in other threads admin says they cannot recover websites, so I went ahead and tried to do a new free sign up. (I notice that yahoo emails are no longer allowed!) Yet my site name is not available… So is it possible it is both not recoverable AND not available?

Thanks ahead of time for any information.

Thanks for confirming the information Infinity. Love you guys and the site worked great for 2 years. I will sign up again and try and remember to log-in every couple of months.

trickjump was deleted for inactivity on 2019-10-20 03:39:54 along with owning account
You can signup a new account with an email that is allowed along with a new website but you won’t be able to register the same subdomain as you cannot register a previously registered domain.