My site is hacked, and would like it removed

#1, is now hacked, its an old site that i no longer use, would like it to be removed completely if possible, to stop the spread of malware.


How do you know it is hacked?


malwarebytes blocked me from going there…


@zionalex [quote=“zionalex, post:1, topic:80336”]
is now hacked

I want to ask the same!!! How do you know it’s hacked??
Your website is not hacked.
The reason why you’re not able to access your website is because you’re on old panel.
Migrate to new panel, to avoid this issue.


It may not be hacked, but I get security warnings, you are probably right, it maybe because of old cpanel…
Anyways I would still like it removed completely since I no longer need this showing up, it is a project I will no longer need, and I have no access to either.


@zionalex I see, if you don’t want to use,
Then log in to your panel >> go to your profile AND delete it. :slight_smile:


I dont remember any login info unfortunately… oh well


We cannot access old panel accounts, sadly.
Your website will remain undeleted…

Oh wait, do you remember your email at least?


It will be removed soon sorry for any inconvenience.


Thankyou, I believe the email associated with the account is the same I used to register to the forum today.


Can you try the forgot password option?