My site is missing


Hi! Please I need your help,
I was doing a website in Wordpress by 000webhost. I bought a domain in Dondominio and I linked it with my site. It worked, but when I went to my site with the new domain, the URL was the old one again. I have been seeing tutorials and I tried to change manually the URL in wordpress dashboad-Utilities- General. It make my site unsecure and know, if I search my site, it takes me to Hostinger site. I have missed mi site and I don´t know what to do.



I have fixed the issue for you. The problem was that you changed the URL incorrectly and made the website redirect to “” instead of “”. I have fixed the issue and the domain now works fine. You will need to clear your browser cache and flush your DNS to see the changes.


My god thank you so much!!!
And do you know how can I make my site secure? Because the URL is still in red
Thank you again!!


If you want to have HTTPS with a custom domain, you need to setup using Cloudflare.


Now I can´t access to my wordpress profile because the name has changed and now the user name has to be other…
I hate this :pensive:


Sorry @sulliops… I think I have made the same mistake as before, how did you fix that? Because now the email and the user name are not recognized and I dont know how to enter.


Fixed it again. As far as the profile picture and the username not being recognized, I don’t see anything going on in the database.


I know, and I can´t still enter…


It is fixed again! Thank you so much @sulliops, you help me a lot, you are really good :blush: :clap: