My sites down donno why, are the server down or what?


my sites down donno why, are the server down or what??


What is your website name??


As above. to keep an eye on the stats of databases and general site uptime etc.



Your site goes to


  1. If when logged into your status is suspended

  2. Or when visiting your website you are presented with similar page

Your account has probably been suspended/deleted so your best option is to

  1. visit, create a new account using a new or different email address to previously used on 000webhost and then recreate/reupload your website/data using backups or local files you have.

  2. You could upgrade to premium and you can then reupload your website and have no issues with limits for only $3.99 a month! Plus if you live chat the support team once you’ve purchased there MAY be a chance they might have a backup for your account is the data is still available - if you can’t reactive your website chances are there isn’t any data available for them to get either but still worth a try!

Free accounts aren’t eligible for backups therefore if your site was deleted/suspended you have no backups available sorry.

Reasons why this error occurs or suspension occurs is

You have too many visitors and over load free server resources.
This might be caused by crawlers crawling your site; use robots.txt to limit the crawlers.
If you are using WordPress with lot of plugins your site might be under attack, remove all plugins only keep the one that you are really need.
If you have many add-on installed, your site take too much resources to run.
Your script is taking to much server resources to run.


is the 000webservers down???


No your account is suspended as above.