hello warm welcome i need a little help
i have forums web site and i want to move my msql data base and forum on 000webhost. how i will move mysql data base on 000web host??

i already dowload whole forums files and data base form other web site in a zip folder


First you should create a new database on 000webhost.
CPanel -> MySQL

Take note of all the data you use to create the database (server name, name of the database, the DB user and password from the DB).

Then you must from your PC Import your database to 000webhost. This can be done using cPanel -> phpMyAdmin -> Import (button on top).

Finally you must change your forum settings to use the new database.

Do not forget to save BD and files backups in your PC.


Thank you for your kind replay but i m still in trouble
i downlad my Mysql database form cpanel and want to upload here on 000webhost
when i click on upload on myphp admin and select my file from computer after 5% uploading a page is show
."This webpage is not available
The connection to was interrupted.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later."
rember my file size in 17,932KB and on this format “fdatabase.sql.gz”


A file of 17 MB in size, is a big file.
In this message by Bak Karma[core], you can see a possible solution to the problem.


i read this topic but cant understand
if i had 17 Mb file what is a way to upload on 000webhost server?


if you have such a big database you should upgrade to paid hosting.


i have 17 Mb file sir, and after reading your topic i found a way big dump but i got still error in big dump

"[COLOR=“Red”]Stopped at the line 585.[/COLOR] " and some time this error
[COLOR=“Red”]Error at the line 127: (22, ‘u_viewstats’, 1, 0, 0);[/COLOR]

and i will upgrade later currently i have no money. sorry sir


how can i see above hostname in new pannel


check this tutorial