My subdomain website does not have a site lock


hello please when i open my website with the domain my site do show/ has a site lock but when i open my website with my my website will appear without a site lock

please is there anyway i can setup a site lock on my subdomain website. so that it open with a site lock??


Hi @psalmsbrown!

I see no site locks on none of your websites.

What exactly do you mean by “site lock”? You mean a login system?


what i mean by a site lock is the green lock you with secure written beside when you open this link but when you use this link the green lock with secure does not show up.


We do not offer SSL certificates for free subdomains.

Certificates are issues only for * domain. If you want to use a custom domain with SSL, you need to obtain a domain and set it up using Cloudflare, or just use the subdomain that you’ve been given.