My web site and my admin are not available

I started configurating my web site based on WP template from your admin then after some operations I can not reach my web site and cannot reach my admin too.
How to solve this major issue?

I think this is not due to your limits because Today there is no improvement.
My site:

I am very disapointed with your lack of action to help me with blocking problem I have here.
I think I will close my account at because this is not possible to live with issue the first time I try to create my web site.

No problem. Sorry we couldn’t help in this instance.

So I renamed plugins folder to turn them off and your site loads instantly now.

So a plugin or mis-configuration on your behalf is the fault.

Thank you : that runs now.

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But now I can’t install any plugin for my WP theme.

Exemple of issue :
Impossible to create folder. /storage/ssd1/083/8561083/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easy-instagram-feed/

Please understand I only use automatic install from WP installer without any manual operation.

You will have to rename the folder back to “plugins” and rename each plugin folder manually to see what is the error.

Another thing you can do is go to while logged in and set “Show errors” to ON so that you / we can see what plugin causes this by visiting the website and rename/remove the folder of that plugin only.

Thank you for your explanation : I updated the folder name and it works now.

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You are welcome, happy to be able to help :grinning: