My webpage not working


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Hello there,

Am sorry to hear that, we have started archiving of sites that spend a specified period of time without being used and having no traffic in order to control spam on our platform.

Read more here

I will however forward this to a moderator so that he can see if he can un archive your website.

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Website has been queued to be restored.
Please check back in 5 minutes! :slight_smile:


it worked!!! thanks

Could you please restore my another link vizforms.000webhostapp??


@ckhawand come work on this!


On it, check back in 5minutes! :smile:


my test website:- / not working it shows this message in browser
This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
Can anyone help what went wrong it was working fine until i clicked on import demo button and after that this error came out.
thank you in advance for such free hosting good for testing site and to learn.
please help me with this http error 500.



Thanks for getting in touch. What do you mean by import demo data, was it of a theme?

Could you please login into your file manager and rename the plugins folder in order to deactivate them manually to know if they are causing this.

Go to wp-content to find the plugin folder.

Let me know if this fixes your problem

Also not good to use someone else’s thread


ok i will let you know and yeah i will keep in mind about not using someone else’ thread. thanks for reply.