My website cannot be reached



This is not the first time I use 000webhost for my websites. But this is really the first time I experience so many problems day after day. My website is ‘’. Even though it seems running in the dashboard, I cannot reach it from the browser. Over the past week, it has been sometimes reachable, but most of the times was not. One day it is good, the other day it is not. I really wonder how you can expect the users to upgrade to your paid service although your free service suffers many problems.

I need help from you. Thanks.

Kaan Gada


Paid service have other servers, they guarantee 99% uptime and there are no spammers out there.
Here it is free service, expect hat :wink:


Hi @kaangada!

I see your website is a Wordpress one. Please consider reading this topic:


Is wordpress good?

I’m planning on using but I heard other sites were better


@brownsugar wordpress is very good, but I recommend you learn HTML, CSS, PHP, JS.
You can do much more with them! :wink:
Have a look at this website


I wanna create an e commerce website for mens watches like this one


Well, 000webhost is meant for learners, so what I suggest is start learning the required code (this would be HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, like @ckhawand suggested), and then once everything is complete, I would suggest upgrading so that you can have more visitors and a better environment for selling a large amount of products.


I would recommend premium you’ll see the difference in speed and reliability instantly and your website is freely migrated and fully managed by the experts at Hostinger plus money back if you aren’t happy but I’m not sure anyone has not been delighted :slight_smile:

Site is running, if you have the same issues it will be related to rate limiting, apologies.