My website desing and hyperlinks are all gone!


Hello everyone
I managed to export my website and my database to the server (after 3 nights of tryhard) but when I check my website , I find that only the index page is working and the design is gone as what is described in the pic :

And I can’t even access to the other pages :

but I noticed from the url of the second picture that the hyperlinks are missing too !
Can anyone help me plz ? and thx !
PS: I couldn’t upload my website with the file manager nor Filezilla (getting errors always , like error 500 for example)


You’ve configured WordPress to use localhost as domain, therefore all included styles/scripts are throwing error 404 because the browser is instructed to search for them on localhost address.

I think it would be easier for you to just upload Wordpress on your website and install it from there.


Can you plz show me a clear tutorial on how to establish my website through file manager plz ? Because the last time I tried that I got an error 500.
And if you are talking about duplicating my website I tried that too. But I always get stuck because I can t verify the connection with the db that wordpress gave it to me.
And thx again for helping me @captainjjjacksparrow


I think following this link would be a good start :wink:


Check this tutorial and let me know how it went for you