My website doesn't appear in google search

Hey, there!
I’ve made a simple site (coded myself, I didn’t use Wordpress, etc…), with info for a wedding, sort of like… a Wedding Card.
I’m sure the link is correct but it doesn’t show on google, when invitees want to access it.
I can access it inside my account only on webhost just fine, but people can’t when they put the link in their pc. Me, myself, get the same error when trying to access in google.

P.S Also when i click the .htacess file inside my account, it says this:
“403. Forbidden.
The website can be reached and process the request but refuses to take any further action.”

Btw, my link is:

Please, help.
Thank you in advance and sorry for my
English, I’m Portuguese.

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Looks good.

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I’d need some screenshots of the issues they get when they are accessing the website?
Does it have a certain error code etc?

Only when i click the .htaccess file it says:

  1. Forbidden.
    The website can be reached and process the request but refuses to take further action

You just placed the URL and it worked just fine? Weird… Cuz google doesn’t show the page when i put the link…

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Any screenshot of exactly what you see?

Note some users confuse 000webhost and 000webhostAPP (I know you’ve correctly placed this in the original opening post)

Ensure your URL you are accessing is

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You probably already know - but

You’ve got a folder OUTSIDE the public_html folder which means visitors will not be able to view any of the files in this and the subfolders

These are the only 4 files the public can access

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Sorry for the delay net went down… Here is one of the images that appears:

I can only post one at a time since I’m a new member.

  1. normally a local issue like software firewall or router or even ISP causing issues
  2. normally when www. is used with a 000webhostapp URL
  3. normally when Google has no cache on a site and the “cache” option has been selected via Google
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You can try disabling firewall/ software etc

Or use a VPN/Proxy to see if it loads via that.

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Failing that you can use alternative DNS to see if your ISP is at fault.

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Sorry I’m new to web design I’m self teaching…so i have to place everything inside the public_html right, for them so see?

Yes all the files you place inside the public_html folder will be accessible to the public via the web browser.
That folder within the / (root) folder currently outside the public_html will be inaccessible to anyone via the browser.

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Thank you for the info. I will try that and all the things above.
The weird thing is a few days ago it was working fine…

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Could just be temporary issues in your location / ISP etc but best trying a proxy then VPN then using alternative DNS if one of these fixes then it will likely be a temporary thing anyhow.

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Yes i click that link and it works but when i try to access randomly in other pc it doesn’t…