My Website has been Deleted

My website seems to have been deleted. It was live for over a year and was last accessed on 22nd October. After that it is not appearing. Please help me to recover my website.

Website and account was removed for inactivity hence why you had to sign-up freshly with your email again.
Ensure to login to your new account at least once every three months to avoid deletion.

Hello. But I was unaware of it. Can you please help me restore it?

We can’t restore deleted sites

My website is also gone, as mentioned previously. Now i made a new account, can i get the domain i used back? because this is really very weird. That it got deleted without any real time to respond (mail in spam) and then everything gone, including the domain. my domain was vita4u DOT comuv DOT com

Comuv domains are old panel and can’t be reissued