My website is being down


Hello! I’ve just created my website & uploaded all the crucial data and wordpress files.
And it has been opened only once after creating, but after that, it is still loading.
I have changed the wp-config.php and connected the db properly.
I also have updated the wp-options and wp-post url to my current one i.e. the above url.
Can anyone please tell what the problem is and how to be solved.
And one more thing can I increase the max import size (currently 2 MB) of the phpmyadmin db without modifying the php.ini? Then I will be able to work in localhost instead and upload the db lateron.
Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


Seems to be loading fine here.

Using WordPress you may run into issues if you update it a lot or use the back-end frequently as this causes requests which are limited.

Keep plugins to a MAX of 1 or 2 on free hosting else you may experience again rate limiting or infinite loading pages.

For your import you may use