My website is everyday down in evening please help me


Hello sir i am nirmal

and my website url is-
i have pointed to

This site is down everyday in evening time and its automatic down and up many times please help me sir

I don’t have money for upgrading to paid host so please help me to solve this

Thank you.


1 hour sleep, no? :slight_smile:


no dude its not down for 1hour its down again and again sometimes its down for 20min sometimes its down 40min its down 4/5 times at evening time


I hope you already know that websites hosted at 00web host sleep for one hour daily and your free to choose the time it will sleep in your account settings.

We try however we can to power all the websites on this free/learning platform but sometimes you can notice some little bit of down times on numerous occasions but they are always Minor.:muscle:


depending on the load that your website is experimenting you could consider a DDoS solution for your website or even a cloudflare like would be a nice to have for those peak of traffic that you might encounter.


@nirmalbwin I see you’re using wordpress website. Plz consider reading below:-