My website is not loading :/


Hey 000webhost, It seems like my website is not loading or is down. Please help me.



Hi @majeedfruits!

Is your website a Wordpress one? If so, please read this topic


No I am using the zyro web builder.


Your website is loading, however very slowly.

How much time ago did this problem started to occur?

Currently two network nodes being are slowed down. Please be patient and try again later.

@akhilkumar332 @Infinity @sulliops @ckhawand


Alright, I will wait for sometime and see later.


same here. My Website is not loading! :confused:


same here …the problem since yesterday night


@majeedfruits @Blo75cK There was an internal issue, which is now solved.
Your websites loads fine now :slight_smile: