My website is not reachable


I don’t see my website up and running

parked domain:

internal url:


hi @doma did you did something after that this happen?


No, It was working fine till yesterday!.


You are having some issues with our services right now the developers will work on that as soon as they are online


My website disappeared yesterday in exactly the same way. It now tells me that the Authors have deleted the site which I haven’t… This hosting company seem to be unreliable, and I’m not convinced that I should spend any more time with them.


Well, you’re not paying a penny to complain in that way :slight_smile:


hahaha true :joy: lol


Hi ckhawand I don’t think I was actually complaining (very much) just expressing a fact. I am a little surprised by the behaviour of the site, I’m happy to have performance that reflects the cost but didn’t expect a site that seeks to grow users from the free site to a paid subscription to behave as this one does. Happy to have slow performance just never seen the message I’m getting.


That’s why, you’ll have to patiently wait till Monday, because the devs are off on weekends :slight_smile:


Hi @doma are you still facing issues?

Please reply with @infinity to tag me.


My web site also now says ‘Website is no longer available, The authors have deleted this site’.
I did go into my profile and did a RESET (not DELETE) and after that, this message has appeared.
I went back into Builder, selected a new template, made a few cosmetic mods, saved draft and published.
Still getting same message so even tho I can edit and ‘publish’ my site, I have lost access to it from the web.

Am I missing something?


What is your website url?


Duh, sorry - that may have been an important part of my message…


Failing successful investigation, is there a way you can wipe/reset my site as I have not yet done anything much with it? Perhaps I should NOT try to customize the appearance generated by a template? Any hints would be appreciated.


@CrowHillSolutions Your website is working fine with your subdomain in your account.

Issue is that, you’ve parked your domain "", but you’ve not linked it properly.

I’ve linked it for you, now you can access your website using your domain name( :slight_smile:


Appreciate your help very much. I must have done something to clobber the settings as it was working up until when I started this thread. I have no idea what could have caused the change.

Further, when I try to access, (as of this minute) I am STILL getting the same error:

Website is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this site.

That said, it would appear that my problem still exists?


Clearing my cache seemed to clear up the remaining problem. Again, I thank you for your assistance.