My Website is not showing up online


Hello everyone,

I already uploaded 3 different websites using 000webhost and they are working perfectly!

However this one it’s not working. When upload is completed nothing shows up.

Can anyone help me?

In offline mode when I open the index works pefectly:

when I upload online it shows only a gray background and nothing else like this:

Please help me if you know!


It was suppose to show this


Hit F12 and show us what the Console tab contains



This is when it’s working offlline


Console, not elements :slight_smile:



It’s starting to show up some things on the website!! Maybe it takes sometime to upload to the server?


Not all of the files are there, hence the 404 errors are appearing in console


What directory are the red lines appearing within? :grinning:


Create a test index.html file and tried to call it directly in browser. Ex:- if the browser is showing test index.html file content then it may be an issue with codes in original index.html file.